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Top Rated Rotator Cuff Tear Doctor in Nyc and Brooklyn

Choosing the best doctor for a rotator cuff repair in New York and Brooklyn

Rotator Cuff Tear

Choosing the best doctor for a rotator cuff repair in New York and Brooklyn is an important decision. Dr. Cagle is a top-rated shoulder surgeon specialist who has expertise treating rotator cuff tears and performing minimally invasive rotator cuff repairs. He has experience with the most cutting-edge techniques and technologies that allow patients of all ages to heal and get back to their lives and careers as quickly as possible.

What is a Rotator Cuff Tear?

A rotator cuff tear occurs when the muscles and tendons around the ball and socket joint of your shoulder are injured. These muscles and tendons help to raise and rotate your arm. Rotator cuff tears can occur with or without an injury to the shoulder.

How do i know if i have a Rotator Cuff Tear?

When someone has a rotator cuff tear, they often experience pain in their shoulder when moving the shoulder or when trying to pick up an object. The pain can be very significant and is often associated with a sensation of the shoulder being weaker. Often times this bothers a person at home, while at work and at night.

How is a Rotator Cuff Tear diagnosed?

A rotator cuff tear is diagnosed by a combination of symptoms, a physical exam and often an MRI scan.

How is a Rotator Cuff Tear treated?

Appropriate treatment of a rotator cuff tear is critical to improve function and alleviate pain. In many cases, a rotator cuff tear can be treated without surgery. Individuals with a rotator cuff tear may undergo physical therapy with or without an anti-inflammatory injection. When the rotator cuff tear is severe, surgery may be needed. Dr. Cagle specializes in minimally invasive surgical treatment options for rotator cuff tears.  Minimally invasive rotator cuff surgery, or shoulder arthroscopy, can repair the rotator cuff tears through small incisions that allow for potentially less pain after surgery and excellent recovery. Arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery can be used in conjunction with the regenerative medicine injection options of PRP (platelet rich plasma) or BMAC (stem cells).

Dr. Cagle recognizes each person as an individual and works with each person to ensure they have the information they need to decide on the best treatment for their rotator cuff tear.

How is an Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair performed?

The repair of a torn rotator cuff is typically performed using Shoulder Arthroscopy “minimally invasive surgery”. Arthroscopy allows Dr. Cagle to carefully identify the torn tendon(s) using small incisions. Once the rotator cuff tear(s) is identified, modern techniques and technologies allow the tendon(s) to be securely reattached. This procedure is typically performed as an outpatient procedure allowing each person to go home after surgery.

How long does it take to recover after a Rotator Cuff Repair?

Recovery after repair of a rotator cuff tear occurs in stages. Dr. Cagle personalizes the time program to each individual. During recovery, after a surgery, a sling is typically worn for a period of 4-6 weeks to protect the repair. After surgery, each person progresses through a focused course of physical therapy to help them quickly regain their shoulder function and strength.

Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair Postoperative Protocol (Small Tear)

Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair Postoperative Protocol (Large Tear)

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